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Bonnie Scotland

Pipers, castles, sea gulls, whisky galore and much more...

it took quite bit longer than anticipated because I had to pause working on the project for a while but now I'm very happy and excited unveil digitally the completed artwork:

I'm confident Bonnie Scotland will do justice to this breathtakingly beautiful part of the world rich in history, arts and culture with vibrant cities and quaint picture pretty little villages; blessed with so much natural beauty, from the rugged, surf battered coast of the Atlantic Ocean , dotted with stretches of white, sandy beaches with Caribbean like turquoise waters to the mystical serenity of the Highlands' great outdoors , all coloured purple in September by the blooming heather and crowned by the majestic Caledonian Pines, for me the Queen of Trees.

Bonnie Scotland is my little declaration of love to this beautiful country and its friendly people.

Bonnie Scotland

Edinburgh and around

Glasgow and Loch Lomond

the Highlands

the Highlands

the Northwest

the Orkney Islands

the hand drawn map

the hand drawn map

working sketches

fine liner drawings

the drawing process

digital painting

landscapes of Scotland


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