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Ravensburger 1500 piece puzzle - “our wonderful planet”

I am really very pleased and excited to see that the big and prestigious German publishing company for books, board games and jigsaw puzzles Ravensburger has launched its new 1500 piece puzzle with my illustrated map of the world under the title “colourful earth” in German and several other languages. In English it is called “cartoon earth”; well, that can probably need a bit more tweaking but hey, we’ll be getting there.

Hartwig Braun - Ravensburger 1500 Piece Puzzle

Being German I grew up with Ravensburger games and puzzles. Of course they are not the only publishing company in the country but certainly by far the biggest one.

I vividly remember my favourite jigsaws I did as a kid. One of them was, surprise, surprise, a map: a map of Europe in 500 pieces showing all the countries in different colours.

I also loved a series of beautiful images by the German artist Ali Mitgutsch. His lovingly painted busy scenes as “in the city”, “on the farm”, “at the beach” or “at the airport” show lots of charming little detail that can capture your imagination and take you on a discovery tour for hours. Germany’s version of “where’s Wally?”

These lovely memories make it of course extra special to see my artwork in a puzzle box with the famous blue triangle of the Ravensburger logo, my map of the world in line with idols of my childhood!

Another Ravensburger puzzle with my artwork will be published around June 2018 and several licensing deals with different jigsaw publishers have been agreed as well.

So, jigsaw lovers watch this space!

This puzzle is now available on the Arty Globe by Hartwig Braun website here or by clicking on the image below...

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