Berlin Looking South - Let's Get a Little Technical

Whenever I do high-rise buildings or tower blocks I need to be more structured and stay closer to the rules of accurate perspective drawing to make them look right and not somehow clumsily wrong. Whereas otherwise I handle the rules of perspective rather intuitively, here I work with a loosely defined vanishing point do determine weather a horizontal feature such as a row of windows goes up or down towards the horizon. Therefore it is helpful to draw a set of lines across the façade (here in red), which will act as guides for the more detailed fenestration. Now I have reached Friedrichstadt district, a baroque era city extension that is characterized by its very rectangular street layout. Th

Berlin Looking South - Details Emerging

After the weekend and a few days of duty manning the Arty Globe shop, it’s time to get back to the drawing board. I get the felt pens out and model the rough marker sketches into distinctive buildings with the right amount of characteristic detail. I specifically love this phase of the process (even though, each one has its own joys) as there is already the structure I created earlier and can build upon. Now I can enjoy drawing buildings more detailed. What until now, was just a cube, gets protrusions and recesses and maybe an inner courtyard, a pitched or a flat roof, gables, pediments, porticos, dormers, columns, windows. Elements indicate the difference between pre- or postwar buildings:

Berlin Looking South - Go East

Sketch level is moving further east towards Alexanderplatz and the centre of former East Berlin, not the most historical neighbourhood nowadays (even though these are actually the oldest parts of the city), but the desire for a representative “socialist capital city centre” has swept away most of the few remnants of medieval history at the end of the 1960s. The result is not the trendiest area today, but yet very appealing to draw with its heterogeneous mix of old and new, small and tall, broad thoroughfares the elegant curve of the train line viaduct and towering above all the iconic Berlin TV Tower. More work on areas in the foreground is done including the grand New Synagogue with its cha

Berlin Looking South - Back to Drawing

Oh dear, after such a long break I have the itch in my hand and feel definitely the urge to grab pens and paper and get back to the drawing board… So let’s get the marker pen out and cross the river Spree to Museum Island. First draft of the different museums, the Berlin Cathedral and the reconstructed City Palace. I might need a bit more space at the tip of the island though to fit in the neo baroque Bode Museum but hey, turning water into land is a doable exercise on paper ;-) .

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