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Berlin Looking South - Bringing the City to Life

The good, old mac in the shop behaved well, all the elements are coloured and ready to be placed. After a little break (which brought me also to the beautiful south coast around Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters) I am ready to complete Berlin Looking South.

The coloured elements are inserted as separate layers so I can move them independently to the perfect position and add shadows to make them truly 3-dimensional.

To really “anchor” them inside the image boats need to have their “movement waves” (something I didn’t do in the beginning) and some of the cars and trains should also be partly hidden, either being behind each other or behind a building. It gives a nice sense of space and depth.

It is also great fun to emphasise the transparency of the Central Station’s huge glass roof by showing trains standing partly inside and outside the station hall. This is one of the many examples where modern technology opens up new artistic avenues.

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