Berlin Looking South - Over The Linden

Before embarking on a nice holiday, which means a break and absence from the drawing board for a little while, I want to get an idea about “Unter den Linden” ("Under the Linden Trees"). I do this famous avenue and its many historical buildings such as the Brandenburg Gate, State Library, Humbold University, New Guards House, State Opera House, Hedwig Cathedral, the baroque Armoury and several palaces as well as the embassies of Russia, the US, France and the UK as a first sketchy version. Last thing before my break, The Reichstag is getting a detailed makeover...

Berlin Looking South - 'The Federal Ribbon' (Band des Bundes)

Another round for the parliamentarian office buildings, Reichstag and the Chancellery. I add more detail to the buildings, do the complex road layout, take on the adjacent open green space along the river and its playful design of different levels and decide to include the new central station building across the river Spree.

Berlin Looking South - Into the Centre of Politics

draft sketches of the government quarter with new ancillary parliament buildings, Chancellery and the Reichstag housing the parliament I also do a first test for the level of detail with Friedrichstrasse station and a neighbouring office block. What really gets me going today is the intricate geometry of the new Elisabeth Lüders Haus housing office space for MPs. I just love working on details like the different levels, stairs, columns and the big glass cylinder penetrating the roof and the public “balcony”.

Berlin Looking South - First Steps in 3D Land

It’s a bit of a fiddle to get the feel for the right width of streets, alleyways and bridges to fit in lanes, sidewalks and tramlines. But attention to detail matters and it pays off to be pedantic here from the beginning. I start with Friedrichstrasse train station as it is in a very central position of the image and anyway, I always love those superimposed multi level transport lines crisscrossing a city by bridges and viaducts. Also, I want to make sure the railway tracks will have smooth and elegant curves in the end and no unpleasant kinks. So I draw them as a whole, keeping an eye on the overall shape before I’ll add any buildings that will partially hide them. At this stage my preferr

Berlin Looking South - The Start

So, here I am starting the new year at the drawing board in my new private studio with a commission for a view of Central Berlin, the place I called home for about 10 years and which has changed a lot and evolved (as has my drawing style) since I last depicted it around the year 2006. A very exciting beginning of the year! The image shall have a panoramic format and naturally I want it to include all major characteristics (i.e. the nicely meandering river Spree and the elegant curve of the elevated railway lines crossing the city centre) and important landmark buildings to make it an iconic representation of the city. I start my little layout sketch accordingly. To get the most dynamic impre

Brand Licensing Europe 2017 at Olympia, Kensington

Seeing the first 1500 jigsaw puzzle with my artwork being published under license by Ravensburger reminds me of our first ever licensing show in October last year. Even though we already agreed the license for the world map before the show, taking a booth at this annual event was an important step to bring the artwork to a wider audience. I think it’s fair to say and not bragging (something I hate!) that we did attract quite some attention with our colourful stand, which made a lot of people stop & study. At a show that is very much about well known characters from the movie or TV world we stood out also because no one else made buildings and whole cities their subject. A lot of people said

Ravensburger 1500 piece puzzle - “our wonderful planet”

I am really very pleased and excited to see that the big and prestigious German publishing company for books, board games and jigsaw puzzles Ravensburger has launched its new 1500 piece puzzle with my illustrated map of the world under the title “colourful earth” in German and several other languages. In English it is called “cartoon earth”; well, that can probably need a bit more tweaking but hey, we’ll be getting there. Being German I grew up with Ravensburger games and puzzles. Of course they are not the only publishing company in the country but certainly by far the biggest one. I vividly remember my favourite jigsaws I did as a kid. One of them was, surprise, surprise, a map: a map of E

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