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Brand Licensing Europe 2017 at Olympia, Kensington

Seeing the first 1500 jigsaw puzzle with my artwork being published under license by Ravensburger reminds me of our first ever licensing show in October last year.

Even though we already agreed the license for the world map before the show, taking a booth at this annual event was an important step to bring the artwork to a wider audience.

I think it’s fair to say and not bragging (something I hate!) that we did attract quite some attention with our colourful stand, which made a lot of people stop & study.

Hartwig Braun Stand at Brand Licensing Europe 2017

Hartwig Braun Stand at Brand Licensing Europe 2017

At a show that is very much about well known characters from the movie or TV world we stood out also because no one else made buildings and whole cities their subject. A lot of people said they were really glad to see something fresh and different when they had a stroll after the obligatory visits to the fat cats downstairs. Which shows that you don’t need to invest thousands and thousands of pounds to make a stand eye catching and enticing.

Hartwig Braun Stand at Brand Licensing Europe 2017

I always enjoy engaging with people who are curious and interested in the work I do, want to know more and ask questions. However, it is a bit like being on stage, full on and at the end of the day you feel like the actor after the performance when the lime lights have been switched off: very happy but exhausted.

Hartwig Braun at Brand Licensing Europe 2017

But when you had, among others, all major puzzle publishers coming to your booth and expressing appreciation and serious interest in your artwork it is all worth it.

Several licensed products, which will come out later this year, are the fruits of our efforts.

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