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Permanent Exhibition at
Arty Globe Gallery-Shop
15 Greenwich Market
Greenwich, London

I am often asked how I create my intricate artwork. This, permanent yet evolving, exhibition at Arty Globe Gallery-Shop at Greenwich Market has been a great opportunity to show the process in a visual way as well as display some never-before-seen drafts, sketches and original hand-drawings for all to see. 

The exhibition space describes and displays the process of how I create my pieces; from initial sketch to detailed line drawing and then to it’s fully realised coloured form. It is designed to showcase my drawing process adapted from old architectural drawing technique, which was widely used before CAD (Computer Assisted Design) systems. 

It aims to develop an understanding into the intricacy and level to which my works are built beyond what you objectively see. Through various stages of sketching and drawing development on translucent paper, the layers increase and so does the fine details resulting in near perfect yet colourless line versions of what you are observing. These lines drawings are then scanned and coloured with 'Digital Paintbrush’ tools and techniques.

What until now has been hidden in the studio is now visible to the public and enables visual participation in the understanding of my creative process.

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