Berlin Looking South - It's Time for Fine Liners

The day has arrived: I can roll out the big sheet of transparent paper, get the fine liner pens out, 0.5mm for most of the drawing, 0.3mm for finer details and 0.7mm for some heavier lines and dotting of trees, grass and sand. This can only mean one : I can start the final and definitive version of my drawing.

Every single line, every single dash, every single window and every single dot I will draw it one more time, last little refinements possible and then I can start the digital work.

I really love this phase, it has something almost meditative when I only think about and focus on what I have right in front of my eyes.

Of course I need to be patient, it takes its time, nothing can’t be rushed as I don’t want to make any mistakes or accidently smudge the wet ink. To keep the drawing clean I cover almost everything but the section I am drawing at, almost like a surgery patient all but covered except the little opening for the actual operation.

During the next week or two the image will grow day by day, every day…

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