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Berlin Looking South - Details Emerging

After the weekend and a few days of duty manning the Arty Globe shop, it’s time to get back to the drawing board.

I get the felt pens out and model the rough marker sketches into distinctive buildings with the right amount of characteristic detail. I specifically love this phase of the process (even though, each one has its own joys) as there is already the structure I created earlier and can build upon.

Now I can enjoy drawing buildings more detailed. What until now, was just a cube, gets protrusions and recesses and maybe an inner courtyard, a pitched or a flat roof, gables, pediments, porticos, dormers, columns, windows.

Berlin Looking South - The Socialistic Capital
Berlin Looking South - Berlin Cathedral & City Palace

Elements indicate the difference between pre- or postwar buildings: roofs: pitched or flat, fenestration: portrait or landscape, symmetry or asymmetry, a solid, protruding plinth or cantilevering upper floors.

This is the stage when the buildings get their character and identity.

Berlin Looking South - City Centre East

Berlin Looking South - Around The TV Tower

I am also very pleased getting the TV Tower quite accurate and yet not cluttered.

Berlin Looking South - The TV Tower in 4 Steps
Berlin Looking South - The TV Tower

Berlin Looking South - Overview

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