Our Wonderful Planet

WORLD-2013-W-0293-sealTaking in many celebrated landmarks, national icons, animals and sea life from around the world, this view of 'Our Wonderful Planet' is one of the most complex and intricate hand-drawn artwork completed by me to date. Looking high above our planet I took an exploration tour of our world to discover its complex bio-diversity and wonderful mix of cultures.

Huge amount of research was carried out before sitting down to draw this image - as always, I wanted to make sure that the finished piece is indigenously and culturally accurate yet playful and fun at the same time. With this image I wanted to express my never ending fascination and curiousity for our planet.

The Finished Artwork

Available on Canvas, Art Prints & More

The artwork is available on Canvas, art prints, jigsaw puzzles and a few other premium products through my gallery-shop outlet - Arty Globe by Hartwig Braun.