Berlin Looking East

Looking east from the centre of the German capital, this viewpoint comprises many of the key historical parts as well as the more modern, contemporary elements. From the glass domed Reichstag building (remodelled in the 1990’s by famed British architect Norman Foster, now Lord Foster) in the foreground the image shows the new Chancellery, the historic landmark of Brandenburg Gate adjacent to Unter den Linden – an avenue lined with trees and populated with many classical buildings – leading to Museumsinsel (‘Museum Island’), home to a concentration of five world-renowned museums and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Berlin has a wealth of other museums, at last count around a staggering number of 170! Close to Museumsinsel is the Fernsehturm (‘TV Tower’) the tallest centrepiece featuring at the top of the image. A potent symbol of both division and unification, the Berlin Wall, is still visible in some parts of present-day Berlin. In fact, a dedicated stretch of 1.3km of wall: the ‘East Side Gallery’ featuring exhibitions and paintings from all over the world, is located by the river Spree near the centre of the capital.